RhapsOGL X
RhapsOGL X

A visual OpenGL plug-in for iTunes on MacOS X.

RhapsOGL X
Download RhapsOGLX 2.0 Plug-in (244KB .sit)
(MacOS 10.1.x and iTunes 2.x minimum)

... new speed display in window mode,
specialy compiled for the G5
and only one plug-in for English, French, German, and more languages if you want...

Following the success of RhapsOGL in Japan, I am seeking a japanese translation of the RhapsOGL plug-in.
The translation must be rather simple because texts are well separated from binaries.
If you are interested, please contact me at webrhapso@free.fr. Thanks for your help.

Screenshots of RhapsOGL plug-ins (for MACAST and SoundJam MP):
pict1 - pict2 - pict3 - pict4 - pict5

SoundJam and Audion 2
RhapsOGL 1.5
Plug-in SoundJam
and Audion 2
RhapsOGL App
RhapsOGL App 1.0 alpha
old Classic version
(development has stopped)
RhapsOGL 1.5 preview
Plug-in MACAST

Others Plug-Ins for MACAST


Download Plug-In RhapsoBLR 1.0 (23KB sit)


Download Plug-In Rhapso3D 1.5.6 (178KB sit - MacOS 8.6 or better)

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